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Simsbury, CT Party Bus Rentals

By on June 1, 2018

Party Bus Simsbury, CT

Simsbury is a town declared in the sixteenth century to be the twenty-first in the towns of Hardford Country. But our services are not as ancient as that. None other than this reputable company can offer you the foremost cheap costs and exceptional client service. we tend to all have the party buses you would like. From the little buses to the massive ones, we tend to give you a deal that is best for you.

20 Passenger Shuttle Bus

30 Passenger Mini Bus

40 Passenger Charter Bus

50 Passenger Charter Bus

Simsbury Party Buses and Limos for Rent Near Me

What are the buses we offer? We have different types that depend on a certain amount of people. We can accommodate 2 to 50 passengers at most.

A small group comprises of 2-14 persons. We have access to different models that suits your taste. In the event of bigger groups, let’s say 14, 20, 30, 40 or 50 persons, we have the birthday celebration bus.

Well, if you have doubts about our vehicles, don’t because all are well-maintained from exterior to interior (engines, etc.) The safety of our customer is the number one priority of the company.

Special Occasions

What are special occasions? These are days that are seldom celebrated, and most of the time, the celebrations are grand. Why not take it to the next level and celebrate with us? We have celebration buses that can take you around town, especially to occasions like weddings, junior and senior prom, alumni homecoming, and bachelor and bachelorette parties! We also welcome those who will celebrate their anniversaries, company and family outings. Please do not limit and focus on aforementioned events, we cater a to-and-from the venue service if ever you ask.

Simsbury Party Bus Rental and Limo Service Prices

Want to know actual renting prices? You can reach us through our team of professionals and fill up an online form. Just in case, they will be informing you that there might be cumulative charges upon renting, it depends on the number of people and the duration (number of days/ weeks) the bus will be rented. Another factor is the model the bus you need and where exactly the vehicle is headed. The destination is very important because that is an indication of how far the vehicle will run.

Things To Do

Below are the places you can visit during your stay at Simsbury, but mostly are public parks.

  1. The first in our list is Talcott Mountain State Park. This park has trails that you can follow whenever you’re in the mood for a hike.
  2. Stratton Brook State Park is the usual park where you can dwell on or empty your thoughts. Whichever you like, you are free to do what you want there.
  3. Who says our suggestion is limited to parks? Apology for the above stated. The Phelps Museum is a highly esteemed museum that is best to present their exhibits as organized as possible.