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By on July 15, 2022

Party Bus Bridgeport is your trusted choice for party buses and limousines in Bridgeport, CT. We’ve been in business and we’re proud of our great service, successful trips, and satisfied clients—we work hard to make sure that everyone has a fun time on their trips with us. We offer many vehicle options so you can find the right ride for your event: from limousines to party buses to sprinter vans! When you need a ride that’s fun, reliable, and affordable, Party Bus Bridgeport has got your back. Our staff will help you plan out your transportation needs to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of your event. And don’t worry—we have plenty of experience with all kinds of clients! Our company has grown organically over time because we’ve earned our reputation as the best in town through hard work and dedication to providing an amazing experience for our customers every single time they call us up.

20 Person Party Bus 1 Bridgeport

Party Bus Bridgeport is the premier provider of luxury motor coach rentals in Bridgeport Connecticut. We provide a wide range of party buses, shuttles and limo buses to accommodate all your transportation needs. Whether you are planning an important business meeting or a fun night out with friends, we have the right vehicles and services to make your experience a memorable one!

Party Buses and Limousine Buses

Party buses and limousines are a great way to travel in style. They can be rented for any occasion, such as prom or a bachelor/bachelorette party. If you have an upcoming wedding, why not hire one of these luxury vehicles? The best part is that Party Bus Bridgeport has dozens of different styles available at their disposal, so you’re sure to find what works best for your event.

Party Buses Near Me

Party Buses are our specialty. We’re located in Bridgeport, Connecticut and offer party buses for groups of all sizes up to 70 passengers. We also offer limo services that include stretch limos, SUVs and sedans in addition to party bus rentals. Our fleet is available throughout New Haven, Hartford, New York City and Boston Massachusetts!

Why Choose Party Bus Bridgeport?

Party Bus Bridgeport has a variety of party buses to choose from. Our fleet consists of several luxury limousines and executive buses, all with the latest amenities. There’s no need to worry about where you’ll sit or how many people will fit; we have options for groups large and small! When it comes down to what matters most, we offer exceptional customer service. We understand that our customers are looking for more than just a ride in a van with friends—they want something memorable and exciting! That’s why we work hard at Party Bus Bridgeport to make sure each trip is special and full of excitement.

Luxury Party Bus Options

Luxury party buses are available to rent for all types of events. These include weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, proms and other high school dances, sporting events and more. While the usual amenities such as a bar, disco lights and plasma TVs come standard in our luxury party bus rentals, you can also upgrade to even more luxurious options like stripper poles or karaoke machines. When you want to go above and beyond for your guests or clients on their special day then we have just what you need!

Party Bus Pricing Explained

As you might expect, the price of a party bus rental varies based on the size of the bus and amenities. The price also depends on where you’re going to be renting your bus. For example, if you’re planning on renting your party bus in Bridgeport, then it will cost less than if you were renting it in Boston or New York City. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget about time: prices vary depending of when (or day) they are being rented as well as what time they are being used (or even what season).

Sprinter Limo Rentals

If you’re looking for a party bus that packs in tons of power and style, the Sprinter Limo is just what you need. The Sprinter Limo can accommodate up to 18 people, and it features multiple bars, including a wet bar with granite countertops and stainless steel sinks. It also has an entertainment system that includes flat screens throughout the vehicle, as well as surround sound speakers! Sprinter limousines are popular rental vehicles because they are easy to drive and maneuver—even when full of passengers (which means no one will be getting lost on their way from A to B). They also offer plenty of space for everyone to get comfortable during their trip.

Limo Sprinter Pricing Explained

Party bus rentals can be confusing in terms of what options you have available. A lot of this has to do with the fact that each company has their own pricing structure, but we are here to make things easier for you! The first thing that needs to be determined is how many people will be riding in the vehicle. This will determine whether or not your party bus needs to have a trailer attached, since most vehicles can only hold 14 passengers plus 2 drivers (15 total). If your group decides they want an open bar and/or other amenities, then this adds up quickly. After that it’s time consider how long you’ll need the vehicle for. The longer your trip lasts (i.e., 3 hours vs 1 hour), then there will usually be discounts on pricing offered from companies like ours. You may also see some additional charges imposed such as late pickup fees if someone takes too long getting ready or driving distance charges if they drive over a certain number of miles per hour during their ride home from work into NYC.

First Class Service

Party Bus Bridgeport offers first class service for our customers. Our staff is trained to ensure that you have a great time and leave feeling like you had the best night out ever!

Executive Party Bus Rentals

When you’re looking for an executive party bus rental, you want to make sure that the vehicle will be able to accommodate your group. The first thing to consider is how large your group is. If it’s small and there are only seven or eight people in it, then an executive party bus might not be necessary. However, if there are 20 or more people who need to travel together, then this type of vehicle will allow them all the space they need without feeling cramped. The second thing you should think about when considering an executive party bus rental is what kind of amenities are included with the rental price. Some buses come with bars inside them so that passengers can drink while they ride; others have televisions where they can watch movies or documentaries while they travel across town; still others have floor-to-ceiling windows so that passengers can enjoy beautiful views as they move through their day trip itineraries

Executive Party Bus Prices Explained

Party Bus Bridgeport offers a wide range of party buses to accommodate your needs and budget. Our party bus rentals are priced from $99/hour with a four-hour minimum rental requirement, not including applicable taxes and fees. You can also rent one for longer periods of time if you want to save money! For those who do not have an exact number in mind, we offer an hourly rate that will be adjusted at the end of your ride based on what time you arrive at your destination.

Services We Offer

Party Bus Bridgeport is the premier provider of party bus rentals in and around Bridgeport, Connecticut. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with quality service and an excellent experience at an affordable price. Our fleet of vehicles is made up of a wide range of luxury buses and limos, including: The Party Shuttle Bus – This vehicle seats up to 32 passengers comfortably and has a dance floor on which you can bust some moves after all the dancing you’ll be doing throughout the night! The Party Limo – This black-on-black luxury ride sports seating for up to 14 passengers, making it perfect for smaller groups looking for classic style without losing any of their cool points due to crowding or lack of privacy. The Party Van – This vehicle seats 14 people but offers ample space inside its spacious interior so that everyone will feel right at home when they hop inside! Whether you’re looking for something fun on weekends or need transportation services during weekday hours, this van has got you covered!

Airport Transportation and Transfer Buses For Rent

Party Bus Bridgeport’s wide range of buses is perfect for any party, big or small. We offer airport transportation and transfer buses for rent to help you get where you need to go with ease. If your group needs a ride from the airport, train station or bus station and back again, we can do that!

Bus Shuttle To The Venue With Wedding Transportation

Wedding transportation is one of the most important details for any wedding. It’s especially important if you’re having your wedding in a place that’s not easily accessible by public transportation or if you want to provide a memorable experience for guests traveling from far away just for your special day. Here at Party Bus Bridgeport, we provide a wide range of services related to wedding shuttles and buses. We have everything from elegant party buses to mini-coaches, so no matter how big or small your guest list is we can accommodate it all! Wedding shuttle services are an excellent way to get everyone safely where they need to go while also providing them with comfortable seats and air conditioning during their trip. Plus there’s nothing like being able to open up all the windows while riding in one of our party buses on your way over! That’s right—you’ll never have more fun getting somewhere than with us! So don’t forget: when it comes time tot o book transportation for your next big event (or even smaller ones), don’t overlook Party Bus Bridgeport!

Coach Bus Transport For Sport Teams

When you’re part of a sports team or organization, you need to get to games, tournaments, and other events in style. This means traveling by bus. Coach buses are especially great for transporting large groups of people because they provide plenty of space for luggage, equipment, and even pets! If you’re looking for reliable transportation for your sports team or organization, look no further than Party Bus Bridgeport! We offer coach buses that can fit up to 45 passengers at once—and they’re available for rent whenever you need them. Party Bus Bridgeport has been providing quality transportation services since 2010. Whether your group is going on vacation or attending a wedding out of town or just want a fun way to get around town with some friends after work on Friday night–we’ll make sure everyone has a great time along the way!

School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

School buses are a great way to bring students to school, and there are many reasons why. School buses are safe, reliable, and comfortable. They’re also the most efficient way to transport students quickly and efficiently.

Book Corporate Travel Party Buses

When planning a corporate event, one of the most important things to consider is transportation. Employees are going to want to get from point A to point B in comfort, style, and safety. A business can take on that responsibility by renting a party bus or limo service for its employees during the event. However, these options aren’t always affordable or available. What if you need transportation for dozens of people? In that case, it may make sense to rent one of our luxury corporate travel buses! Here’s what you need to know about booking your own corporate travel bus: You should book early if possible (at least three weeks in advance). This will ensure availability on short notice as well as ensure that we can provide an experience matching your needs at an affordable price. We offer different levels of service depending on what kind of budget you have set aside for this type of trip – from basic transportation with limited amenities all the way up through deluxe packages including food/drink service onboard along with other perks like TVs and DVD players! If there’s anything else specific we can do for your group please contact us directly so we can customize something specifically tailored just right 🙂

Prom and Formal Limo Shuttle Service

School dances, proms and special events are a lot of fun to attend, but dealing with the logistics can be a headache. How will you get there? How will you know where to park? Will it be safe for your friends and family? These are all questions that can be answered through Party Bus Bridgeport’s professional limo service. With our services in place, your night is going to go off without a hitch!

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Party Buses

Greek events are a great way to bring together the community. Not only do they give you a chance to connect with people who share your interests, but they also allow you to help others in need. They’re also a great way of raising money for charity and making an impact on the lives of those around us. However, if you don’t have transportation available at your fingertips, it can be hard to get where you need to go. The good news is that Party Bus Bridgeport can help you out! We offer party bus rentals in Connecticut and Rhode Island so that everyone has access to safe transportation at an affordable price. If you want more information about how we can help make your Greek event easier on everyone involved, call us today!

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

Party bus rentals for homecoming: Why choose a party bus? When it comes to planning your homecoming, you have a lot on your plate. It’s important that you make the right choices when it comes to transportation. If you’re heading off campus for an evening of fun with friends or family, an affordable private charter is one of the best ways to get there in style. You can rent out our private vehicle and enjoy its luxuries all night long! Here are some tips: Look for amenities such as TVs, DVD players and WiFi connections so that everyone stays entertained while they travel between locations. A full bar stocked with soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will keep everyone happy throughout their trip too!

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

You can travel in comfort when you reserve one of our party bus rentals. No matter what kind of trip you are looking to do, we have the mini bus rental that’s right for you. Whether it is a pub crawl with friends or wine tour with family, Party Bus Bridgeport has the vehicle ready to go! We also offer a variety of options for corporate events and formal parties. We understand how important it is to get everyone together in one place so that they can celebrate your special day together. Let us help make sure everyone gets where they need to be at all times!

Wine Tour Party Bus Trips

If you’re thinking about planning a wine tour party bus trip, we can help. We have the best party buses for wine country, and our drivers are trained to show you all of the best places to stop along the way. Wine tours are a great way to get out of the city and enjoy some outdoor time with friends and family.

Steps To Rent Your Bus

Once you have decided on the party bus rental for your group, there are a few things that need to be considered: Choose the bus size. The first thing to decide is how many people will ride in the party bus. If you want a smaller group, then look at our 12 passenger buses which can fit up to 11 passengers comfortably. For larger groups, consider our 20 passenger buses that can fit up to 19 passengers comfortably! We also have 24 and 26 passenger buses available if your group is even larger than that! Choose the bus type/style. Is it a stretch limo or an airport shuttle? No matter what kind of party bus ride you’re looking for, we’ve got something great for everyone here at Party Bus Bridgeport! Each one has its own unique style so take some time researching each one before deciding which one fits best with your needs today (and remember: any questions about which vehicle would work best should always be answered by us!). Remember though—no matter which vehicle type you choose now will affect pricing later; so make sure not only does it meet with requirements but also budget too because these prices aren’t cheap!

Bridgeport is a popular city located in Bridgeport Connecticut. The city is home to many historic landmarks such as the Barnum Museum and the Stepping Stones Museum for Children. The Stratford area was first settled by Europeans in 1697 when Puritans from Massachusetts began purchasing land along the Pequonnock River. The name “Stratford” comes from Stratford-upon-Avon, England, where William Shakespeare was born! Milford has been inhabited since at least 1705 when it was first settled by Europeans who arrived via Milford Harbor (a natural harbor on Long Island Sound).

Attractions in Bridgeport Connecticut

Bridgeport is home to a number of attractions that are perfect for large groups. If you’re looking for an aquarium, the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is right up your alley. This attraction features over 12 exhibits and aquariums, including jellyfish and sharks! If you’re interested in animals, Beardsley Zoo offers many species of both domestic and exotic animals including giraffes and tigers! In addition to these two attractions there are also other museums in Bridgeport Connecticut such as Barnum Museum which houses artifacts from P.T Barnum’s traveling circus while Discovery Museum & Planetarium displays a wide variety of science-related exhibits such as educational films or planetarium shows (available on weekends).

Airports We Service in Bridgeport Connecticut

  • Hartford International Airport
  • Bradley International Airport
  • Tweed New Haven Regional Airport
  • Norwich International Airport